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1. How can I open a Trading Account?

It is simple and quick. Click Open a Real Account, fill in the form and upon completion, you will receive an email with your login details that you can use to log in to our secure Members Area. Here you will be able to create and fund your trading account by clicking the Deposits tab in the main menu. If you are already an AM Broker Real Account holder you can open an additional account in the Members Area.

2. How long does it take to open a trading account?

In case you fill out all the details correctly, it takes less than 2 minutes.

3. How can I start trading?

If you have already opened a trading account, received your login details by email, made a deposit and logged into the trading platform of your choice; the next step is to submit your identification documents for account validation. You can find detailed guidance on our trading platforms here.

4. What trading account types do you offer?

We offer the following trading account types: RETAIL: minimum funding starting from $1.000 PROFESSIONAL: minimum funding starting from $10.000 INSTITUTIONAL: minimum funding starting from $100.000 For further details, please click here.

5. What is the minimum deposit/withdrawal for a trading account?

It is 100$ for Retail and Professional accounts, while for Institutional accounts it is $1.000.

6. Do you offer MINI and MACRO accounts?

AM Broker offers Retail, Professional and Institutional accounts. However, you can obtain micro lot size trades (1000 units) by reducing your standard account volume to 0,01 (0,01 x 100000 units=1000 units) or mini lots size trades by using 0,1 account volume.

7. Do you offer Islamic accounts?

Yes, we do. You can request a swap-free Islamic account by contacting your account manager.

8. How long can i use a demo account?

At AM Broker, demo accounts have a 30 days expiry date. Demo accounts that have been inactive for longer than 30 days from the last login will be closed. However, you can open a new demo account at any time. Please note that a maximum of 5 active demo accounts are allowed.

9. Can I change the base currency of my account?

It is not possible to change the base currency of your account, however, you can open a new account at any time and then specify your preferred base currency.

10. Is it possible to lose more money than I deposited?

No, you cannot lose more than the amount you deposited. Should the slippage of a certain currency pair cause a negative balance, it will be reset automatically with your next deposit.

11. What spreads do you offer?

As an STP Broker, we offer variable spreads that can be as low as 0 pip. We have no re-quoting: our clients are given directly the market price that our system receives. You can read more about our spreads and conditions here.

12. What leverage do you offer?

We provide leverage from 2:1 up to 500:1. The leverage depends on the instrument traded. Please read more details about this here.

13. What is margin/margin level / free margin?

The margin is the required amount in the base currency of the trading account needed to open or maintain a position. When trading forex, the Required/Used Margin for a specific position = Number of Lots * Contract size / Leverage. Here the result is originally calculated in the first currency of the traded pair and then converted into the base currency of your trading account, which will be numerically displayed on your MT5 trading platform.

The margin requirement for gold land silver is calculated like this: Lots * Contract Size * Market Price / Leverage. The result will be in USD, which will be converted into the base currency of your trading account (in case it is other than USD).

For CFDs, the required margin is Lots * Contract Size * Opening Price * Margin Percentage. The result will be in USD, which will be converted into the base currency of your trading account (in case it is other than USD). More details can be seen here.

The margin level is calculated with the formula Equity/Margin * 100%.

The free margin is your equity minus margin. It means the available funds that you use for opening new positions, or for maintaining existing positions.

14. How can I calculate the margin?

Margin calculation formula for forex instruments is the following:

For all our accounts all forex instruments have a contract size of 100 000 units.

For instance, if the base currency for your trading account is USD, your leverage is 1:500 and you are trading 1 lot EURUSD, the margin will be calculated like this:

(1 * 100 000/500) = 200 Euros

Euro is the primary currency of the symbol EURUSD, and because your account is USD, the system automatically converts the 200 EUROS to USD at the actual rate.

15. What is the margin formula for gold/silver?

The gold/silver margin formula is lots * contract size * market price/leverage.

16. What is the margin for CFDs?

The profit calculation is as follows: (Close Price-Open Price)*Lots*Contract Size

The lot size on every CFD differs. Please read more information here.

17. Where are my funds kept?

All our clients’ funds are kept in segregated European accounts with tier 1 banking institutions.

18. Do you have a slippage?

Slippages hardly ever occur if you trade with us. Sometimes, however, especially when important economic news is released, due to a sharp rise/fall in the market price, your order may be filled at a different rate than you requested. At AM Broker, your orders are filled at the best available market price, which may be to your benefit. More information on the AM Broker Execution Policy is available here.

19. Can I open more than one trading account?

Yes, you can, up to a maximum of 3 active trading accounts. It is preferable, however, to use the same personal details as for your other trading account(s). You can register for an additional account in the Members Area with 1 click.

20. Will you close my real account if it has a zero account balance?

Accounts with zero balance will be archived after a period of 30 calendar days.

21. Is there a dormant fee if I don't use my account?

An account shall be deemed as dormant from the last day of the 90 calendar days during which there has been no activity (trading/withdrawals/deposits) in the account. All remaining bonuses, promotional credits, interest will be automatically removed from dormant accounts. A dormant account will be charged with a monthly fee of 9 USD (nine United States dollars) or the full amount of the free balance in the account if the free balance is less than 9 USD (nine United States dollars). There will be no charge if the free balance in the account is zero.

22. Do you close my open positions and placed order if I go offline?

Open positions and pending orders stay in the system even if you log off from your trading platform. The same applies to all order types except trailing stops. Trailing stops become inactive when you close or log out of MetaTrader 5. Expert advisors also become inactive when MetaTrader 5 is closed or you are not logged in.

23. I cannot log in to my account but I need to close an open position. What do I do?

You may close/open a position or place an order by telephone 24 hours a day. Simply call up our dealing room on +44 2038075938. You will be asked for your platforms' login for security reasons before your request is executed.

24. What is the maximum amount that I can trade online?

There is no maximum amount you can trade online, but there is a maximum number of standard lots you can trade online according to our contract specification detailed here. If you want to deal in an amount bigger than your account type’s maximum lots, you may break your trade into smaller sizes.

25. Why are rollover rates tripled on Wednesdays?

Thursday is for value Monday, a deal done on Friday is for value Tuesday, and so on. On Wednesday, the rollover amount is tripled to compensate for the following weekend (during which time rollover is not charged because trading is stopped at weekends).

26. Do you provide live forex tutorials? How can I learn the basics of trading?

Every AM Broker client has their own Personal Account Manager, who does not only provide full technical support via live chat, email or by phone, but you can also schedule with him/her one-to-one training sessions to learn the basics of MetaTrader 5. We also offer our clients video tutorials on how to use platforms, as well as free weekly webinars and on-site seminars in different countries. Feel free to inquire about further details at info@ambroker.com

27. Do you accept US clients?

According to the recent Dodd-Frank Act passed by the US Congress, the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) no longer allows us to let US residents open trading accounts with us. We apologize for the inconvenience.

28. What is one-click trading? How can I enable it?

One-click trading allows you to open positions with just one click. When you want to close a position, however, one click does not work and you will need to close it manually. To enable one-click trading on the left corner of your chart, you will find an arrow. By clicking that arrow you enable one-click trading and a window appears on the left corner of the chart.

29. Can I change my account type?

No, you can’t. Please register for an additional account in the Members Area.